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27. Mrz 2018

…FEELING ALRIGHT! The new single by the Namibian kwaito sensation EES  proves once again that – no matter what genre you give him he will deliver a hit that always incorporates that special #namflava as well. The music video for the new single   More...

12. Dez 2017

Wie alle ja wissen machen EES & Hunta regelmässing auch mal Parodien von bekannten Songs und wandeln die in bisschen um für die Namibianer. FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: Dieses Jahr haben sich die zwei boys den Song „H  More...

17. Jul 2017

The new single by the Namibian kwaito sensation EES  proves once again that – his love for original Namibian style and color, and this time with an even deeper message of global influence. The music video for the new single “Original” which wa  More...

13. Dez 2016

Der YouTube UNITY Song – “Here Right Now” Die neue Single des afrikanischen Musiker EES, vereint die deutsche Online – YouTube Welt und zeigt Zusammenhalt gegen Hass und Sexismus im Internet. Viel zu lange haben die Online Influencer &  More...

31. Okt 2016

This is a FREE track for all the #NamFlava FREAKS out there – enjoy another funky fresh collabo by EES and Manni$. In diesem Video mach ich Werbung für meinen Vitamin Energy Drink „WUMA“ – das ist mein eigener drink so ich krieg k  More...

25. Aug 2016

The brand new single by EES takes you to the deep roots of life in the oldest desert of the world. his home and birthplace for a beautiful song talking about todays stressed lifestyle back to the roots REALEASE DATE 07-09-2016

28. Mai 2016

DOWNLOAD „Sundowner“ FREE here: Ein Grosses Danke an SDP (Vincent) das wir deinen Sample von dem Song „Er wollte eigentlich nie ein Liebeslied schreiben“ gebrauchen durften! danke Bra ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬  More...

27. Okt 2015

“JUST DO IT” – die Hymne des #RoadTripNamibia am 23ten Oktober  wird die neue EES Single & das Video  zu “Just Do It” released 2 Wochen lang ist EES, mit seinem VW Bulli  und  einer Gruppe bekannter YouTuber (Y-Titty, Mr.Trashpack, Digge  More...

27. Okt 2015

NO MORE “SWAG” – from now on its “YEYE”! on7th August, marks the day the new EES single & video will be released The kwaito artist EES has done it again, mixing the pure african rhythm with a twist of european sound , but this time he has te  More...

31. Jul 2015

After the original „Nu Day“ track was such a hit EES & KTK decided to do a house remix – and this is what came out. another beautiful minimal house / nam flava music production.

24. Okt 2014

EES is back with that real fresh Kwaito on 7 November 2014, EES will be launching his long awaited new Kwaito album “Authentic Rebel”   If there is one thing that we can be certain of when it comes to this “NAM-Boy”, than it is the fact tha  More...

26. Aug 2014

The new single “KLEWWA” feat. Brickz has just been released on all major download shops and via Music Channels like Channel O e.t.c This is an new teaser to the upcoming EES album titled “Authentic Rebel” to be officially released on the 7th Nov 2  More...

30. Mai 2014

This is the official EES „Soccer World Cup“ Theme song from 2014. The single ws released on 6. June 2014. produced by: Milanic (Maxilimian Schepp) & Eric Sell LC 30070 – NAM FLAVA Music – BAFANA SOUL

15. Dez 2013

This is the official „Mwenopaleka Roadshow“ Theme song from 2013. The single ws released on 23. October 2013. produced by: Herry Sweet Jive & Eric Sell LC 30070 – NAM FLAVA Music – WE ARE ONE

17. Jun 2013

EES is back with a fresh new style on 19th April 2013, EES will be launching his long awaited House album “If Not, Why Not” Constantly pushing his NAM FLAVA music out on international levels, EES has decided to use his vocal talent on more than just K  More...

17. Jun 2013

„Yes – Ja“  this is Nam-Flava – Summertime – Pop – Ska –Music !!! This description seems to be complicated but it is like it is: NU DAY – the brand new tune of Ees, Namibias Super Star and “Best Kwaito Artist of Africa 2012”. Perf  More...

28. Feb 2013

The 3rd Single from the Album „If Not, Why not“ by EES featuring K-Boz this is a nam flava remix by the well know german house producer Niels Liebich and the track is inspired by the Song „Dance Tonight“ by Exit (namibian musician)

26. Nov 2012

The December Summer HIT featuring South Africa’s most innovative producers M-Poser! Will be released on the 1st December 2012 on all digital online shops. Support Independent artist

26. Nov 2012

The sunshine filled party track to get the positive vibes and feeling of beach, sun and fun going. watch the music video here:

26. Nov 2012

The Single from the most downloaded Album „Da Gehn Wir“ by EES feat. T-zon. released end of 2012

26. Nov 2012

The 21 Track NAM FLAVA MUSIC first of its kind in Namibia is now out and available here: The Album was produced together with DJ Zarok and mixed by EES. It features artist like: TeQuila, Jericho, The Dogg, PDK, Exit & Mushe,Faizel MC, Gazza, Tate Buti  More...

26. Nov 2012

This is a limited edition original „hand-signed“ by EES – single of the solarworld song „Hope“ which was an extra release for the 2010 Solar Exibition in Valencia (Spain)

26. Nov 2012

…the birth of the original NAM FLAVA that EES carries with him where ever he goes! this album what the start of what makes him so special today! released in December 2006

26. Nov 2012

21 Tracks of the typical EES – NAM Flava style music! including many hits like T.I.A., Sharp, Sharp, Newwa Ewwa, Yoshili and many more. Its the roughness of this album that makes it really unique!

26. Nov 2012

…the 5th studio album by EES – which started the NAM FLAVA style many years ago…its a must have album for all the true EES supporters and Namibia lovers! the hit track „Wo is die Coolbox?“ made waves all over the world when i  More...

26. Nov 2012

This is one of the best/crazy collaborations of 2013, the two most wanted „white-boys“ of southern africa – one one track. the Hit single from the „If Not, Why Not!“ album, doing what they do best. NOT CARING!

26. Nov 2012

EES teamed up with the Liberian Superstar „G-Rize“ for this official Remix to the song „My Life“ by G-Rize. You can watch the music video here:

26. Nov 2012

One of EES most sold albums in his career – „Awee!“ means to agree on something that is spectacular! Released in December 2008 – it is still one of the BEST kwaito albums on the market!

20. Nov 2012

The long awaited EES album is finally out and available here only! The 22 Track NAM FLAVA MUSIC album featuring: Mandoza, TeQuila, Jericho, The Dogg, Qonja, Mapps,The Hunta, PDK, Lady May, Fresh Family, Blacksheep, Exit & Mushe, Mr. Illing & X-Ban  More...

27. Jul 2012

This is a FREE song which was a download on all WUMA bottles with a QR code to scan and download the track. Produced by Dominik von Francois (a producer who was also a big part of the „If Not, Why Not“ album production with EES) FREE DOWNLOAD   More...

27. Nov 2010

Das „Da Gehn Wir“ Album ist ein FREE mixtape – und kann hier gratis gedownloaded werden unter diesem link:

28. Mai 2010

The official VUVUSELA world cup song of 2010 by EES feat. Mama Africa Erscheinungsdatum: 28.05.2010 EAN / ISBN: 4013127007995

28. Apr 2010

The official World Cup song of 2010 – „Again ‚N Again“ from the EES hit album „Awee“ EES macht zur WM „ Alles Allright“ Im WM-Jahr will Namibias Kwaito-Held und NamSlam-König EES den internationalen Durchbr  More...

26. Nov 2007

The First single of the „If Not, Why Not!“ album featuring the famous Inusa Dawuda, from Ghana – who already broke many Chart records in the east block. „Satisfaction“ is a full on house party song which is the most remixed s  More...