17. Jun 2015

Hate Campaign – Music Video release with Penilane


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The craziest Namibian collaboration of the year
on 21st June, the new music video “
Hate Campaign“ will be released

EES is all about breaking rules, since the day he entered the entertainment industry this has always been the case – and now he has teamed up with the well-known band Penilane once again for a new project called “Hate Campaign”, 1 of 2 songs he featured on the new Penilane Album called “Wear It Wear”.

The Video was completely produced by the artist themselves, one could call it a “boy’s w-end on the farm”.
The Artist then set up their own locations with lights and camera to capture that true Namibian farm & NAM FLAVA lifestyle, as this makes us Namibians unique and why not transport this uniqueness to the world and show that what Namibian music and lifestyle hast to offer.

The Song was a collaboration project that was done via the internet with EES and was then mixed & mastered by the Rock/Gospel Grammy winner Alan Sanderson from the United States.

The Music Video has been send to Music Channel platforms all over the world and has already gotten back some great responds from Music Channels in Europe like PutPat.tv and Tape.tv that have already agreed to play it on their systems for a wide audience in Europe.

This phenomenal collaboration has the opportunity to break into the international music scene, as it combines the best of Namibia and a sound that is very easily adopted by the western sound.
Let’s hold our thumbs and hope that Namibian music once again shows the world what it is made of and let’s also keep supporting local music.

Penilane promo pic


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