29. Okt 2014

NEW ALBUM „Authentic Rebel“ OUT NOW!!!


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EES is back with that real fresh Kwaito
on 7th November 2014, EES will be launching his long awaited new Kwaito album “
Authentic Rebel“

If there is one thing that we can be certain of when it comes to this german “NAM-Boy”, than it is the fact that EES will most certainly deliver something that is fresher than fresh. And this time – believe it or not – it’s even FRESHER! The realness of Kwaito is finally back again.

EES is all about breaking rules, since the day he entered the entertainment industry this has always been the case – and now with even more experience and “rebel” in him – he has done it once again on his new album – mixing and mastering a 22 new Kwaito track album with a strong blend of his own unique “NAM FLAVA style”.

EES carefully choose the album name “Authentic Rebel”, as this best describes him as an artist. Someone who is authentic and real – but a rebel to the music and lifestyle he lives. Whether overseas on international stages – or in the Land of the Brave (Namibia), he stays the same supporting the push of the Kwaito music to be worldwide recognized.

Just like most of EES albums – the “Authentic Rebel” is once again packed with the maximum amount of songs that could possibly fit on a standard audio CD, without making it a double album. This shows how much he loves to give as much material to his fans and supporters.

Also known for his many collaborations – this album is no different, with the likes of Brickz, Freeda, Blossom, PDK, Ongoro Nomundu, M-Poser, Qonja, Blacksheep, Spice, Fresh Family, Manas & the X-Bantuans, it is very diverse and powerful.

EES has once again proven that no matter what background or culture one has – if you love what you do and live the passion – one can do any genre of music and be proud to bring back the realness to music.

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