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Best Combination = GameChanger Hunt

The EES "Game Changer" Bitcoin hunt has begun!

By now we all know that EES always comes up with the most inspiring and crazy projects when he drops something new - BUT this is just NEXT LEVEL! Ok, where do we begin? ...well, actually it's quite simple - EES has just released his 4th single of his upcoming album called "Game Changer" and the song is called "Best Combination". He also launched an absolute stunning animation Music Video. But now listen to this: the music video contains hidden codes that the fans can search for and decode. And whoever cracks all the codes the fastest - has the password to a bitcoin wallet. The total amount of 1 Bitcoin = about N$ 500 000 (half a million) is the big number to remember and which will motivate the viewers to search for the 12 passcode words!-)

Now to think that EES (who is an artist like many others out there also struggling in these Corona times and not coming from a rich background) took all his savings to get this big winning prize together is obviously wrong. He was actually approached by an anonymous donator who was following his career for quite some time already and wanted to help the artist get more exposure for his hard work and authenticity.

This anonymous person came up with the whole treasure hunt, set up everything and has hidden the codes in the new video.

The music video starts off in a 3D world where one can see how hands plug a game controller into a fruit mixer and then turn up all the energy dials to have EES come in strong with his first verse over a modern urban afrobeat.

Then everything quickly turns into a vintage-looking computer game where EES is driving around with his old bus and rescuing the princess from the angry king, taking her on a wild ride from Namibia to Berlin.

The Song title "Best Combination" referring to EES's ever-inspiring and unique mix of culture, fashion & music he has created since the start of his so-called Nam Flava style, is very well mixed together in this new song. The music video is extremely colorful and very refreshing to see something this creative again in a world where plenty of monotone music videos are being released daily.

But what surely takes the cake is the fact that this music video contains special hidden codes to about half a million Namibian Dollars. But to not make this just a greedy money hunt - EES has requested the sponsor of this bitcoin to donate 25% to a charity organization in Namibia which will be selected in a poll by the viewers on the official Reddit forum of the Game Changer hunt:

Yes, this is definitely a Game Changer move by the kwaito artist and to everybody who still does not quite understand how the whole treasure hunt works and what a bitcoin is. Have a watch at the short animated explanation video on EES social media and youtube channel - explaining exactly how to look for the special hidden codes here:

And now, enough talking, there is no time to waste but half a million to crack in the new EES music video. Wishing everybody good luck on the epic Game Changer hunt by EES with the song that will surely make you dance and move while searching for codes.


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