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…Feeling Alright!

The new single by the Namibian kwaito sensation EES proves once again that – no matter what genre you give him he will deliver a hit that always incorporates that special #namflava as well.

The music video for the new single “Feeling Alright” which was launched on the 30th March 2018 and was produced by the well-known German video Producer Felix Spitta by Bloom Kollektiv who shoot the highly professional music video together with EES over a 3 day period in Berlin (Germany).

The production team went out to create a beautiful story of a little girl who is quite the adventurous one and uses the night to go out and explore the world on her own. She experiences all the beauty of this world and also some not so great things as a man crying and a homeless person, who she then covers with her blanket she took along on the trip.

In the end, she realizes it’s time to quickly go back home before the sun rises again for a new day. Their message is clear and simple: explore the world and give a little back. The video is now already getting major online attention and is getting airplay on the biggest music video channels in both Africa and Europe, including Channel O, MTV, Trace TV, One Africa.

Not only does the message behind the music video and song inspire the youth to go out and travel – it also represents Namibia in a different way on the international music scene.

We are sure that this press release reaches you in a good standing and that you carry the message further and spread it with the people of Namibia.


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