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Good Vibes Only!-)

Namibian music sensation EES has once again captivated audiences with his latest single, "Good Vibes Only." To bring this infectious track to life, EES teamed up with Reggie Films, one of Namibia's leading music video production companies. Shot in the vibrant and colorful "NAM FLAVA" style that EES is known for, the music video showcases the essence of Namibian culture. Adding to the visual spectacle, the renowned dance crew, NAM Jive, also made their appearance, enhancing the energetic atmosphere. Let's dive into the behind-the-scenes magic of the music video production and the unique elements that make it truly special.

The music video for "Good Vibes Only" was shot at the picturesque Osona Village, located just outside the town of Okahanjda in Namibia. This charming setting perfectly complements the vibrant and lively atmosphere that EES brings to his music. The video captures the essence of Namibian landscapes, showcasing the country's natural beauty as a backdrop to infectious beats.

EES has always been passionate about representing Namibian culture in his music, and "Good Vibes Only" is no exception. With his unique blend of fresh melodies and local influences, he creates a musical fusion that is truly one-of-a-kind. Singing predominantly in German, EES adds a touch of Namibian German slang, giving the songs a distinct and authentic flavor. The Music Video starts with a very cinematic intro of the store manager (Chelsi Shikongo - Miss Namibia 2021) who approaches EES that does seem a bit lazy of all the daily cleaning work in the store. whats happens next, you will have to see in the Music Video, hint: defnitely watch till the end!-)

Partnering with Reggie Films, one of Namibia's premier music video production companies, EES ensured that his vision for the "Good Vibes Only" video was flawlessly executed. Known for their creative storytelling and attention to detail, Reggie Films brought their expertise to the project, capturing the essence of EES' music and vision.


No EES music video would be complete without the incredible dance moves of the renowned NAM Jive crew. Having worked together for the past three years, EES and NAM Jive have created a seamless synergy that electrifies the screen. The dancers add an extra layer of energy and excitement, showcasing Namibia's rich dance culture and further enhancing the visual experience.

"Good Vibes Only" serves as the title track for EES' upcoming album of the same name. The album represents a departure from his previous work, as it features a fresh music blend that EES has been working on with his band over the past 12 months. This new style combines catchy melodies, vibrant rhythms, and EES' signature Namibian flair, promising an album that is both innovative and captivating.

Of course, no EES music video would be complete without the inclusion of his iconic yellow VW Bus. As a cherished part of his large bus collection, the yellow VW Bus adds an element of nostalgia and personality to the video. It symbolizes EES' journey as a musician, representing his vibrant and adventurous spirit.

The making of the "Good Vibes Only" music video was a captivating experience, blending the unique Namibian "NAM FLAVA" style, energetic dance performances by NAM Jive, and the creative vision of EES and Reggie Films. This video exemplifies EES' commitment to showcasing Namibian culture, his evolution as an artist, and his dedication to creating music that brings joy and positive energy to his fans. As we eagerly await the release of the "Good Vibes Only" in August 2023. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO HERE:

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