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In Love with your Sister

The new EES song is full of groove & naughty vibes!

Well, love is something we cannot really control. And EES has something to tell us in his new song called "Your Sister" the 5th single of his new and upcoming Album (Game Changer) which will drop on the 17th September 2021. I mean, what would you do if you become attracted to the sibling of your best friend? Love is something that cannot be controlled and EES talks about this exact situation in his new song “Your Sister”. The song straight starts off by the kwaito artist singing in his uniquely rough voice about the beautiful eyes of his best friends’ sister and how she is so irresistible every time that he sees her

The music video sets the stage beautifully, as we see EES walking up to the door of a very luxurious house to visit his friend, while the sister is stepping out on the balcony with a light and casual home dress. And while the two boys then are downstairs playing video games in the living room - the sister walks past to get something to drink in the kitchen – completely distracting EES from his games by her beauty.

This motion continues throughout the song and the video with the sister then in the garden trimming bushes and watering the plants, with EES looking through the window completely forgetting the world around him till he then decides to splash his face with water and cool down a little and go back home.

As he leaves the front door of the big mansion to close the door behind him, the sister suddenly jumps out from the back and grabs his arm to then pull him back into the house.

His last words into the camera and on the song are, “I don’t know what to do!” with a slight smile on his face of happiness and a little confusion on how to handle the current situation.

All in all, this is a very happy vibe instrumental beat with a lot of live musical instruments to be heard throughout the song. Especially catchy is the horns melody from the dance part in the song. Quite the uplifting spirit and rhythm – with funny and deep lyrics in the song – just how we know EES by now. So when you had a long day at work or are currently going through a similar dilemma in your private life – this song will surely uplift your spirit again – and after the third repetition of the chorus we are sure you will be singing along:“ I think I’m in love with your sister – her eyes are so beautiful, and every time that I am with her – I wish that she was not your sister!

Be sure to watch the music video on EES YouTube channel and also keep you’re your eyes open while doing so - as the kwaito artist announced on his social media accounts that this new music video also contains a special word to the big #GameChanger treasure hunt he started with his last music video "BEST COMBINATION"– where the first person to crack all the codes in his #GameChangeHunt will win the half a million Nam Dollar in Bitcoin. Be sure to also check out the 3x remixes of the song on the streaming platforms as some of them are really intense when it comes to modern sounds and vibe.

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