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“Lass Uns Chillen”

EES has just released a new hit single A powerful mix of today’s Hip Hop sound charts genre mixed with that special #namflava sound of his. With the Music Video produced by the variety of Namibian and Germany video producers.

One can surely say EES has mastered his blending of the African & European continents very well over the past few years. Making sure that is vocal “NAM FLAVA” style singing is still present in all of the new up to date sounds he laces his voice on. Something very unique about this new single is the way he is rapping in the “Namibian German” language – known as the “Nam Släng” by many in Namibia and now also an official dialect of the German language. 

The new single will be launched on 2 continents at the same time with support from major Music TV channels & media houses.

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