1. Break-It EES 0:58
  2. Klewwa feat. Brickz EES 0:58
  3. Woza December feat. M-Poser EES 0:58
  4. Satellite Connection EES 0:58
  5. Wheres Your Papaer feat. Manas EES 0:58
  6. The 1 feat. Fresh Family EES 0:58
  7. Left It Behind (interlude) EES 0:58
  8. Never Over feat. Ongoro Nomundu EES 0:58
  9. Cry No More feat. Freeda EES 0:58
  10. No More Fear feat. Blossom EES 0:58
  11. My People feat. Qonja EES 0:58
  12. We Are One EES 0:58
  13. Back Door feat. Spice EES 0:58
  14. Stagebreakers feat. X-Bantuans EES 0:58
  15. Give You My Love feat. M-Poser EES 0:58
  16. You Will Never Change Me EES 0:58
  17. Money Start To Come (interlude) EES 0:58
  18. iLike feat. Blacksheep EES 0:58
  19. All I Know feat. Ricardo EES 0:58
  20. Klewwa feat. Brickz EES 0:58
  21. Woza December (instrumental) feat. M-Poser EES 0:58
  22. Let Me Sing This Song For You EES 0:58
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Authentic Rebel

If there is one thing that we can be certain of when it comes to this “NAM-Boy”, than it is the fact that EES will most certainly deliver something that is fresher than fresh. And this time – believe it or not – it’s even FRESHER! The realness of Kwaito is finally back again. EES is all about breaking rules, since the day he entered the entertainment industry this has always been the case – and now with even more experience and “rebel” in him – he has done it once again on his new album – mixing and mastering a 22 new Kwaito track album with a strong blend of his own unique “NAM FLAVA style”.