1. Individiuality feat. Vylla EES 0:58
  2. Feel the Sun feat. Mathias Baer EES 0:58
  3. Dance 2 Nite fea. K-Boz EES 0:58
  4. Satisfaction feat. Inusa Dawuda EES 0:58
  5. My Life feat. G-Rize 0:58
  6. I Don't Care feat. Jack Parow EES 0:58
  7. Check It Out Now EES 0:58
  8. Good Time EES 0:58
  9. Rainmaker EES 0:58
  10. Go Low feat. Lil D EES 0:58
  11. Danger EES 0:58
  12. Hola Cherrie feat. Freeda EES 0:58
  13. Let It Go feat. Sunny Boy EES 0:58
  14. Ayoba (remix) feat. Mandoza EES 0:58
  15. Satisfaction (remix) feat. Inusa Dawuda EES 0:58
  16. I Don't Care (remix) feat. Jack Parow EES 0:58
  17. Rainmaker (remix) EES 0:58
  18. Feel the Sun (remix) EES 0:58
  19. So Geht Das (remix) feat. PDK EES 0:58
  20. Newwa Hold Us Down (remix) EES 0:58
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If Not, Why Not!

EES is back with a fresh new style on 19th April 2013, EES will be launching his long awaited House album “If Not, Why Not” Constantly pushing his NAM FLAVA music out on international levels, EES has decided to use his vocal talent on more than just Kwaito music now. Since last year fans have notices a couple of new house flava singles by EES, that have already been very successful! The single “Satisfaction” featuring Inusa Dawuda, is already on chart position 7 in Poland and still going strong. EES is all about breaking rules, since the day he entered the entertainment industry this has always been the case – and that is why he also choose the album title “If Not, Why Not!” (a typical “african-english” statement), meaning – if he is not actually supposed to do this genre – why not do, exactly that! And every rule there is in House Music – has been broken by the Kwaito artist – mixing 20 new Party tracks together with a strong blend of his unique “NAM FLAVA style”. The album is a perfect mix of international house hit songs – infused with a lot of Kwaito singing vocal style and Afro-House elements. Also Included on the album are lot of his hit tracks like “Newwa Hold Us Down”, “Ayoba” or “So Geht Das” remixed into new house flava’s featuring great artist like Mandoza, Inusa Dawuda & PDK. It is impossible to just sit and listen to this new album – it has soo much power that you will automatically have a reflex of starting to groove and even dance along to the fresh and outgoing music waves of “If Not, Why Not”! EES has once again proven that no matter what music genre he does – it is always full of NAM FLAVA style and a very positive and real message