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ANOTHER EES SINGLE!!!  MAMA! …what have we done? The brand new single by EES called “MAMA” featuring the Kollabo25 due (Franz Funke & Gideon Glock) is taking the whole cleanup campaign to another level! This w-end was the second year the nationwide clean up campaign was in full effect and Namibians went out to make a...

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Lass Uns Chillen

NEW EES SINGLE!!!  EES has just released a new hit single “LASS UNS CHILLEN” A powerful mix of today’s Hip Hop sound charts genre mixed with that special #namflava sound of his. With the Music Video produced by the variety of Namibian and Germany video producers. One can surely say EES has mastered his blending...

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Live at One Race Human Festival

Like the past few years EES and his Band rocked the stage at the One Race Human festival as headliner on Saturday the 17th August 2019. The show was filled with new Songs from the upcoming album “Game Changer” and the crowd was dancing to the tunes.Here a short aftermovie impressions video for those that...

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New Single “On The Road Again” OUT NOW

Ready for the release next week Monday 12th September 2016 is the long awaited EES single “On The Road Again“. A gentle mix of todays minimal house charts genre mixed with a commercial pop sound & african influence. One can surely say EES has mastered his bleding of the African & European continets very well...

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Juli Newsletter

EES NEWSLETTER – July 2016 HALLO Freunde Zum Glück hast du dich beim COOL’STEN Newsletter dieser Welt angemeldet! DANKE Teil 2 der Abenteuer BOOT Reise ist da! Neuen (sehr ALTEN) Bulli gerettet… Wer mich bereits kennt weiß, ich LIEBE Bullis, und aus diesem Grund habe ich wieder einen alten Bus gefunden und gerettet! GROSSES ABENTEUER...

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