7. Aug 2015

„YEYE“ the new music video


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NO MORE “SWAG” – from now on its “YEYE”!
on 21st July, marks the day the new Single will be released
EES is all about pushing LOCAL, since the day he entered the entertainment industry this has always been the case – and now he has teamed up with the upcoming HipHop artist Hansolo to do exactly that – and give Namibia its own name for SWAG, and that is the new song “YEYE”.

Since beginning of time Africa has been influenced by a lot of cultures and inventions from outside the continent – this never really gave Namibia to shine and come up with its own “thing” when it comes to the fashion culture or even most of the times the music industry. America influencing the whole world with its language, dance styles and music introduced a word “SWAG” – which expresses a certain style or way one represents oneself, when it comes to clothing or attitude.

EES & Hansolo would like to once again break that cycle and bring back the African-ness and created a new local word for swag, and that word from now on is “YEYE”. The Music Video was completely produced by the artist themselves, one and it definitely represents a lot of “YEYE” with young people dancing pantsula, wearing own created African fashion and style – and very cool the driving around with EES’ old WUMA “shaggon waggon” VW Kombi.
The Song was a collaboration project was collaborative teamwork and produced by various local producers: Willy-G, Kash Beats & Morgan the Syndicate and was done via the internet with EES who then mixed & mastered the track in Germany. The Music Video has been send to Music Channel platforms all over the world and has already gotten back some great responds from Music Channels in Europe like PutPat.tv and Tape.tv that have already agreed to play it on their systems for a wide audience in Europe.
This phenomenal collaboration has the opportunity to combine the sounds of two continents and bring new inspiration to the music industry at large.