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From Namibia to South Africa to Germany, Eric Sell a.k.a. EES is moving up in the world and at a rapid pace. With 9 albums under his belt, he has ambition and is not about to slow down. His music style is a blend of Kwaito, African House, Afro Pop, Afro-Reggae, and has a really funky fresh spin to it. EES was born and bred in Namibia and started to slowly get into music in 2001, creating a unique African vocal singing style.

Ever since he has been making a massive impact on Kwaito music outside of Africa and has received several awards of recognition including the MTV Listeners Choice award, the Channel O Best Kwaito video in Africa and he won the German X-Factor in 2018 with his Band. Another Highlight is that EES just released his own energy drink called „WUMA“ ( & his new spice called “Nam Flava Spice” (

EES has never lost touch with his roots and in his lyrics, you can clearly hear the Afrikaans/English/German influence. All in all, EES is a very outgoing & positive vibe person who just wants his listeners to enjoy his music and experience what he lives for,
...Yes-Ja! – NAM Flava Music!

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