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With Biltong being one of the famous delicacy foods in Namibia for many centuries, it was only a matter of time that EES also brings us his own version of the true #NamFlava style he so proudly presents us with all these years.
He teamed up with Külbs Steaks & South Trade GmbH to release his new "flava" of Biltong and that currently makes it the only Biltong that is being produced in Namibia and has the special license to be exported & sold in the European market.

Nam Flava Biltong is being produced with very high standard beef meat from Namibia and contains NO conservatives, colourants or MSG's (flavour enhancers). It's packed and sealed in Namibia under high regulated hygiene standards. Biltong can be your special snack in between meals, a great extra high source of protein for after sports, a special finger food when friends come to visit or just side snack for a chilled movie night experince!-)

Check out our monthly subscription option to save on your daily dosage of delicious #NamFlava Biltong by EES

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