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Are you the ONE??? (new single)

The Kwaito musician EES just last month has tide the knot and got married mid of March 2020, just before the lockdown of everything. And even thou you might not know this or have seen any wedding picture on social media or so - because he likes to keep his private life quite private when it comes to these postings top keep the focus on his art and music. He did release a new kwaito love song called "THE ONE" feat. ML - a truly unique video, the first of its kind for the kwaito artist to celebrate the love between two people. The video showcases a young couple that is on their honeymoon in a big city and enjoying the comfort of being together just celebrating life, with a lot of flirtation going on. It shows a close up of two hands and a wedding ring is put on the finger and a newlywed couple running out of the church into life. The highlight of the music video is the ending of it - when suddenly everything turns dark for a split second and then we see many different types of couples being in love, from very elderly people to different lesbian & gay couples, mixed-race couple to then a text right at the end of the video saying "The greatest happiness in life is knowing that you are being LOVED"

The song is definitely the next level for EES, and his deep and rough vocal singing style just takes the listener right to an emotional point of no return!-) In his Lyrics, EES talks about the true meaning of love and not to get distracted by the many material things like "money & cars" that many see as a basis of a partnership nowadays. In the current crazy state the whole world is in - the one thing that can definitely keep us sain is LOVE! So we urge everyone to go to YouTube or Social Media and check out the latest masterpiece by our very own local musician and support with a like or share.

Download and Stream the new song an all music platforms world wide For more info check out

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