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"Nur Du!"

EES is back! And, as always, he sets everything in motion to spread a good mood and lots of colour. True to the motto: Good Vibes Only! (title of the of the new album)

As support for his new single, "Nur Du", the exceptional Namibian artist got himself some Berlin girl power with "Jazzy Gudd".

In the song, the two combine German pop with AfroPop/Kwaito and thus definitely ensure late summer good vibes.

JAZZY GUDD (formerly "EULE") has long been known as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her debut album "Musik an, Welt aus" reached number 5 in the German album charts in 2018.

"Nur Du" is the third and largest single release from the EES album "Good Vibes Only", which will be released on September 1st, 2023.

The song proves that love songs can be light and uplifting without coming across as kitschy.

How else would you expect it, given the origins of EES?

EES has already won numerous major music awards in Africa (MTV Africa, Channel O, Kora Award (African Grammy). In Germany he became known when he won the German X-Factor with his band in 2018.

In the music video for "Nur Du", the two break the typical clichés and simply convince with a lot of energy, drive and positive vibes.

Exactly what the world desperately needs right now!

From 09/22/23 - 10/02/23 EES and his 7-strong band are on the "Good Vibes Only" album tour in Germany.

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