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Deutschrap? OK!

Do you know that too? On a Friday you browse the YouTube Trends for a bit. Every second video is a music video with one (or more) "really bad" rappers! -)

And it's basically all about drugs, half-naked women, and expensive cars, with some insults towards mother's in between! -)

We know what makes EES tick and that it was originally inspired by hip-hop back then before jumping over to the Kwaito genre (Nam Flava).

So with his new song "OK" he wanted to prove that HipHop can simply be more than just fumbling around with the typical material things that are currently moving in the charts and trends.

In mid-2020 he teamed up with the video company and the influencer boys CREW10 to prove that there is another way: "No coke, no bitches, no hoes, no Benz, no Ferrari, Lambo - just the basic shit - but believe me when the beat drops, everyone will dance along! "

This is a really blatant statement from EES and it is logical that not everyone from the Assi-Rap scene who hears the text agrees with it - because that is exactly what is currently trendy. But EES has always been a rebel - and that is exactly what is so important to him to set a status and to offer an alternative. And still a really fat BEAT and lots of "Nam-Slang" words - but not the condescending of illegal and material movements.

The video starts as 2 members of CREW10 look at some luxury cars and try to find one for their next action, when they have then decided on one, EES comes along and quickly says "... we never fit everyone in, I have a better idea "And then the fun and the song starts. In the old VW Bulli from EES, the crew drive to a jeweler who they then rob with water pistols and then bring the loot to a warehouse where huge houses of white powder are on the table and the three pretty ladies sort them. But it doesn't take long until EES breaks a raw chicken egg and throws it into a large bowl - because from then on cake is baked! -)

The song and the music video should look like a white Trojan horse, the typical cliché pictures are shown - the beat bounces in bold while EES spits the verses over it - but whoever listens and looks quickly realizes that this song and video is a very blatant one Have a message.

You can then recognize that in the outro of the music videos - when EES and the CREW10 boys - throw all the loot (money with a clown face on it), gold chains, expensive branded clothes and shoes into a fire bowl and then burn it. Then roast and nibble marsh mellows in the heat and laugh into your fist.

We hope that many people will check out this message and especially those who understand how important it is to check out an alternative and eye-opening variation of German Hip Hop. Music Video: Streaming Links:

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