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EES concert in your livingroom! The Corona crisis canceled all of the live shows for artists the last 5 weeks and almost all upcoming concerts this year are still on ice waiting to see what the future holds. This is a big impact on the music industry and artists all over the world are very much affected, like almost every non-essential business out there. But it seems like we are forgetting that music too is an essential need & energy for the wellbeing of the human race, a strong motivator and messenger of vibration forget the daily struggles.

EES and his so-called "Yes-JA!" band have been rocking the stages of many big European Festivals for quite some time now and also won X-Factor in Germany end of 2018. Now the organizers of the have invited EES and his team to perform on their platform and spread the #NamFlava to the world, how EES always likes to say it.

This will be an action-packed and dance in your living room event whiches will take place on April 30th at 20:00 pm, (Germany time) on both EES Facebook, YouTube channel, and the official website. The viewers can enjoy this live stream concert for FREE - but are encouraged to use the donation button on the website to support the artist who then will also select a charity organization where one about a third of the donations will go to. Also available for a limited of only 24 hours are special EES/Corona Concerts merchandise for sale via the website, which income generated again in part will go to the charity organization picked by the performing artist. Set your alarm clock, be there virtually and support the live music, because it unites us best through these lonely days.

More LiveStream info at:

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Andy Moon
Andy Moon

Can you imagine how much he earned then? And now the realities are now such that if on this stream he went to, say, this slot and played it for literally 10-15 minutes, he would even get paid more, I have no doubt...this is why many celebrities and people in general are sold.


Hello! I want to record this video on my computer. My friend advised me to read about recording video streams and on the Internet I came across where I learned a lot of details about it. Please tell me, can this be done?

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