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EES & Oteya release new Love-Banger!

When last have we seen or heard a brand new collaboration with two of Namibias “first generation” legendary artist?

With Oteya taking a long break from the music industry and starting her family, she is now back in full swing by teaming up with EES, who has been releasing and pushing his music career since we got to hear from him the first time, round about 18 years ago!-)

Yes, time flies when you’re having fun, and the same one can say about their new collabo. A sweet Afro-Beat sound that quickly gets you nodding your head and pulls you in to the typical smooth Oteya voice.

The video starts of with an aerial shot of a beautiful home in Windhoek, while Oteya is busy in the kitchen cooking up a light lunch with Nam Flava Spice – when suddenly EES comes and surprises her in the kitchen and then the couple starts singing and dancing together to behind the stove.

The song talks about the relationship of a couple that are freshly in love with one another and enjoying each other’s attention. There are a couple of scenes wit EES spoiling Oteya by bringing her drink while she is relaxing next to the pool and singing.

When EES comes in with his verse on the song, one can directly feel the typical energetic vibe always brings to the table. Yes it’s a love song, but with his unique rough Kwaito voice it is definitely a treat for the ladies on this song, especially with his choice of words.

One thing one can directly notice is that there is special vibe between the two artist. Something which is very difficult to fake in these type of romantic style music videos. Being the OG’s in the Namibian music industry – the two have crossed many times, at various Live Shows, Music Awards and the typical artist meet ups.

The Video ends with EES and Oteya romantically enjoying the true Namibian sundower vibe on the balcony of their home to then going out on a dinner with one of EES yellow and classic old busses.

All in all, a very touching and emotional video that will want to start dancing to it at any point in time due to the bouncy groove and great mix of EES’ rough vocal singing style and Oteyas’ s very soothing voice throughout the song.


For more info on the release, more photos or interview requests for EES contact us at:

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