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EES releases own Spice

EES has just released his own Braai spice called “NAM FLAVA SPICE” on 25 November 2017.

EES has always been a very creative entrepreneur when it comes to releasing local items. From the Namibia Flag shoes to the vitamin energy drink “WUMA” and many prouder local products.

This time he teamed up with the well-known Namibian spice company NAMCAS to create a “Braai Spice” that has that special Namibian taste to it and he called it “NAM FLAVA Spice” of course. “…I have always put all my effort into making QUALITY products. There are too many fly-by-nights that just release cheap products to get rich overnight. But it’s time that Africa gets used to quality products and supports the local market!” The new spice does NOT contain any MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), no colorants or preservatives and makes it one of the few products on the market today that is this much health aware.

“…the Nam Flava Spice is an ALL-IN-ONE spice that can be used for any time of meat or even vegetarian dishes as its totally vegan-friendly. I know we Namibians like to eat meat – but I didn’t want to leave anybody out!-)”

The Nam Flava Spice is sold in most local Supermarkets or Retailers – but also is selling and shipping worldwide via the new online shop on which gives Namibia a great opportunity to also start exporting local goods to other countries in the world.

So do go out there and start supporting our own “Nam Flava” products.


Ingredients: Namibian Sea Salt, Onion, Parsley, Paprika, Garlic, Sugar, Coriander and lots of NAM FLAVA!!!

filling quantity: 150 ml estimated starting retail price: N$ 39,-

SALES starting at 25 Nov. 2017

Online Shop ( ) * and nationwide in most Pick N Pay, W&B, Spar and selected other stores. International sales via the online store Contact for Journalist For Interviews and Media – just contact us at:

EES Management T: +264 61 222 393 E:

NAMCAS 9 Diesel Street Southern Industrial Windhoek Namibia T: +264 61 232 358 E:

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