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New EES "Plakkies" shoes released

EES just added "Plakkies" to this NAM FLAVA shoe collection

Roughly 9 years ago there was a fresh new shoe on the market, it was very colourful and proud, representing the Namibian colours and lifestyle. And the designer of this street shoe was non-other than the kwaito musician EES who is known for his love for his motherland Namibia.

Since then he released the hand made in Namibia leather shoes Nam Flava "Vellies" in collaboration with local shoe companies to push the local products and had quite the overseas sales for these unique looking shoes made from Zebra and Kudu leather. This week he surprised the social media platforms with the brand new release of his so-called NAM FLAVA "Plakkies" in the proud Namibian colours & style. Probably the freshest pair of sandals you have seen in a long time, pushing the 30th Namibian independence celebration this year up a notch!-) Just like his previous shoe collection the artist also is donating N$ 10 of each pair sold to the Namibian Lion Trust ( - which he visited last year with a bunch of German Influencers and video team. To get yourself a pair of these fresh new EES plakkies, make sure you visit any of the four Spar shops in Windhoek which currently have the exclusive selling for the first few weeks: Maerua SuperSpar Hochland Spar The Grove SuperSpar Westlane Spar Do be quick to get yourself a pair as we are predicting that these Nam Flava babies will be selling like hotcakes - and if you do have a pair post a picture on social media with the hashtag #NamFlavaFootwear to show your support for local products.

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