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EES & TopCheri in Germany

With month and months of planning, getting all visas, sponsors and promotional dates in place. It finally happend! TopCheri came to Germany to visit EES for a charity performance in Berlin for the awareness of rhino poaching in Namibia.

In June this year, the two Namibian superstars released their first collaboration song called "When We Unite". A beautiful afro house vibe anthem with a strong message of togetherness.

The Music Video already got massive attention on the African continent, so it was now time to also spread the "Nam Flava" vibe to the European continent.

Thanks to the Deutsch Namibische Gesellschaft, which organized the main event and made this visit for TopCheri to Germany possible.

The two Namibian artists had a great time, at Radio stations like Jam FM and the ICC Expo in Berlin.

EES took TopCheri for a historical tour around the city - showing her the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburger Tor. (watch the video below for a quick impression)

TopCheri was fascinated by how many people live in the capital city of Germany and especially how fast everybody walks and works.

The show was a full success and the first time the two performed the song live together on stage! 100% of all the tickets sold at the event were donated to The Rhino Trust in Namibia.

But it didnt stop there - the two artist then travelled accross Germany to the city of Bonn to have a big interview at the Deutsche Welle. The BBC of Germany for the top African television programm called "77 percent"

A dull day of interviews and getting the message of unity and togetherness out there. Telling the host how it is done in Namibia and that the youth is making things happen, little by little.

All in all, it was a great experience and honor to have TopCheri come and visit EES in Germany - which has been inviting Namibian artists for many years now and opening doors for the Namibian music industry to penetrate into new markets and get heard.

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