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“Good Vibes Only“ Tour 2023

EES has released over 10 albums on the new continent since 2001, and its fresh sound mix of Kwaito, African House, Afro-Pop and Afro-Reggae spreads a lot of joie de vivre, wherever the musician presents it.

Born in Namibia, EES belongs to the 5th generation, after his ancestors came to the country as German immigrants. And now he is the first of his family to live in Germany again after almost 130 years.

Well aware of Namibia's history, EES fuses the cultures of his homeland with the pop sound of Europe to create an instantly rousing mix of music. EES always remains true to itself and convinces with these special sounds and its positive energy and charisma.

His "Yes-Ja!" band also provides a lot of power and good vibes at the shows: sometimes deep, sometimes escalation, sometimes kwaito, but always real!-)

The standard ticket will be available for € 27. However, if you want more, you can purchase a VIP ticket for € 59. This includes many extras, such as limited merch products, the very tasty Nam Flava Biltong and the new chutney. Added to this is the earlier admission to the shows and thus the opportunity to be part of the sound check and to experience a personal autograph session with EES.

As I said, there are only good vibes here! - Because the love for music is right. Whatever was cooked somewhere between Namibia & Germany, it has the name of EES called "Nam Flava" and will shake the stages of Germany in 2023 on the "Good Vibes Only" tour (powered by NAMBUKO).

22.09.2023 - Hamburg - Birdland

23.09.2023 - Leipzig - Moritzbastei

27.09.2023 - Hannover - Lux

28.09.2023 - Frankfurt/Main - Nachtleben

29.09.2023 - Dortmund - JunkYard

30.09.2023 - München - Backstage Club

01.10.2023 - StuttgartIm - Wizemann Studio

02.10.2023 - Köln - Groove Bar

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