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Let the HUNT begin!-)

It has officially begun, the long-awaited new EES album "Game Changer" which the artist has been working on for over two years has now been announced on the 17th September 2021.

And the first single of the Album "Hunt Like A Lion" feat. Lioness just dropped today and has totally blown away viewers, not just by the punchy new Nam Flava beats - but also the impressive video images of the music video.

The musician EES - who is known for his many collaborations and supporting of upcoming artists as done it again. he teamed up with Lioness the well-known Namibian female rapper. And what they came up with is an international club banger.

The song has managed to combine an extremely international musical sound with many African vocal chanting samples and obviously with that special "Nam Flava" spice - how EES always calls it.

Produced by the well-known Austrian producer D-Rush - while on a visit in Namibia in 2019 for the pre-production of EES' new album and then mixed by one of Germany's best sound engineers,Kraans de Lutin. One can instantly hear and feel the difference in the international sounding quality of this production.

The Music Video was shot in Namibia by no other than Reggie Films and his team and then edited & color graded by EES himself. But the total interesting thing about this video is the message right in the beginning which says "Let the hunt begin - (this video contains a special hidden message)" that needs to be found and decoded by the viewers. Somewhat of a treasure hunt, it seems which places EES right there at the top of the currently trending NFT movement for musicians trending online currently.

If this is only the first single off the upcoming "Game Changer" album then it will surely change the game when it coming out.

Feel free to check out the song on EES Social Media platforms and stream or download the song below. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

For more info on the release, more photos or interview requests for EES contact us at:

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