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...the power of UNITY!

New EES song brings more UNITY!

The authentically warm SUMMER anthem of the Namibian music star "EES", with the enchanted female voice of "TopCheri" spreading a positive message with a very catchy groove.

Since the start of his career, EES has broken many cliches or norms in the industry. With many great collaborations he has definitely united a nation under the Namibian flag not caring much about what people say to him - what he should or should not do.

Quite early on he had the vision of taking Namibian Music to another level internationally and EES has proven that he can do this on multiple occasions already, including the MTV Award, winning X-Factor Germany with his band, Channel O Best Kwaito Music Video in Africa just to name a few.

But it hasn't always been sunshine and roses, as with success come the haters and doubters. The ones that have tried to pin cultural appropriation and other hidden agendas to his name and style. Big Major Record Labels trying to convince him to change his style of music to be more commercially compatible.

But he just kept on a strong path what feels right and what he believed in and his new summer anthem “When We Unite” comes to a very important time in history. With ongoing war in Ukraine and the first upcoming Soccer World Cup after the pandemic.

The song which features the currently most successful and hyped female singer TopCheri is very motivational and inspiring about the fact that when we as people come together and unite for the same cause – we can achieve so much good.

The song has a very outgoing and uplifting vibe to it with many the add on of a live brass horns instruments playing a catchy tune and even solo parts on it.

In the Music Video we see EES and TopCheri walking through the Namibian desert with a marching band and of course some Namibian flags blowing in the wind, something that EES is very known for to promote and his motherland.

The Video shows an upcoming young soccer team playing in the sand and not giving up until they score the final goal. In the second verse we see another young group of children during a bootcamp expedition helping each other to overcome the obstacles of the course.

All in all, a very touching and emotional video that will want to start dancing to it at any point in time due to the bouncy groove and great mix of EES’ rough vocal singing style and TopCheri’ s very delicate but strong voice throughout the song.


For more info on the release, more photos or interview requests for EES contact us at:

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