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Time for CHANGE!

We often forget the power of music and how it can actually change the world - with soo much commercialization around the music industry. The new song "1 x 1" by the Namibian-born musician EES, gives us back this realization and hope that if we stand together and fight for the good - we can make a change. He usually does very powerful party songs - but for years has been fighting for justice against Rhino poaching and illegal timber harvesting and create awareness with his music about these very destructive practices by the greedy humanity.

The rise in illegal timber harvesting is happening all over the world and now also strongly felt in Namibia, because Trucks with a massive amount of timber from the north of the country are being seen transported to the harbor. A first very loud outcry by the public on this matter forced the local government to react, but it is still very unsure if these reactions were strict enough for plundering to stop by what so many people call - the neo colonizers. So extremely motivating to see one of Namibia's leading artists use his platform to speak about these topics.

His very unique voice has won him multiple awards in Africa, from MTV to Channel O and even the African Grammy Kora nomination for best Album on the continent. Now he is carrying his message, vibes, and energy with his new upcoming album "Game Changer" to the first world, to give music the chance to heal the world again with this powerful song. Not only the illegal timber harvesting is an issue in Namibia, but also the poaching of the endangered Black & White Rhino of southern Africa. A massacre that just does not seem to stop - no matter how strict new laws are and the increase of personal protection of these magnificent animals. EES has been creating awareness of the poaching of the Rhinos since the release of his Nam Flava Footwear brand - whereof each pair sold a donation goes to the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and pushing the awareness via social media and flyers in the shoe boxes as many first world countries are not aware of the rhino poaching situation in Africa.

The new song by the Kwaito artist is a great mix of moderns sounds and a reggae-sounding rhythm and vibe. A beautiful mix of punchy low-end synths and the rough EES voice singing: " 1 by 1, we make sure there's no more controlling us, 2 by 2 we will do what we need to win back trust, 3 by 3 is the way we restore dignity, and 4 by 4 is the power we put in - until we WIN" The Music video starts off with an aerial shot of a dried-out waterhole where a little boy with a black facemask is sitting next to the skull of a cow with horns and holding a Namibian flag. The whole video is in a black and white film look and shows us dramatic real-life video footage shot of illegal timber harvesting and rhino poaching. With many very deep and emotional scenes of children on social media and even holding up an AK-47 machinegun. All symbols of what is going wrong in society. The music video ends with a powerful statement of "IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE" and the motivation to spread the message so more are aware of this situation so actually change start to evolve.

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