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Together for Namibia

Namibia is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination. In 2019 around 2 million tourists came to the country. For many of them, it's love at first sight. The south-west African country with its wild, pristine and diverse landscape and the friendly people leave a lasting impression. The travelers like to come back and at the same time feel the desire to support Namibia and its people. Together for Namibia e.V. is a platform that bundles these interests in Germany and guides them in the right direction.

Gemeinsam für Namibia e.V.

In Namibia, the gap between rich and poor is greater than in almost any other country in the world. Aid organizations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) therefore support projects for education, health, culture, nature and animal protection. But many small associations are also passionately committed to the people in the country. Together for Namibia unites these forces, gives them visibility and guarantees that donations get to where they are needed. Find and support a heart project

The website briefly introduces all the projects, organizations and associations involved and links to their homepages. Potential supporters can use the search portal to filter the categories - nature conservation, animal welfare, education and culture. A targeted search for keywords is also possible, such as kindergarten, football or women. Anyone who would like to support clubs near their place of residence can display addresses in their own federal state. In this way you can find and support your heart project. If you cannot decide on a project, the donation is very welcome at Together for Namibia e.V. and will be forwarded directly to where it is most urgently needed.

Help that arrives

Like Together for Namibia e.V., all participating organizations and associations are registered in Germany, have German addresses and can be contacted directly. This creates transparency and trust that the donations actually go to the project that you want to support. If you are already involved in an association that supports the people of Namibia, you may also be interested in Gemein für Namibia e.V. This is where like-minded people meet, exchange experiences and support each other.

Stronger together

It is people with visions who change our world for the better. Together for Namibia e.V. has the vision of connecting all non-profit associations registered in Germany that are primarily involved in Namibia. As with a tree that is nourished by many roots and bears plenty of fruit, the forces are combined here and reinforce each other. If your heart beats for Namibia and its people, you've come to the right place with Together for Namibia e.V. We invite you to browse, to inform yourself and to contribute in the form that is optimal for you. Either as a donor or by registering your club there. This guarantees that passion and lifeblood achieve the greatest possible effect.

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