The 22 Track NAM FLAVA MUSIC album by EES marks the new era of the so called “Megaphone Ghazzies” – a support group that helps EES spread his music all over the world video online web pushes. the Album which took him about 2 and a half years to complete includes great featurings such as: Mandoza, TeQuila, Jericho, The Dogg, Qonja, Mapps,The Hunta, PDK, Lady May, Fresh Family, Exit & Mushe, Mr. Illing & X-Bantuans

01. Intro

02. Check Hom Mooi (Trend-Setta)

03. Ya Rocka feat. Fresh Family

04. So Geht Das! feat. PDK

05. Kwaitolizing (interlude)

06. Bismarck feat. Exit & Mushe

07. I Wanna Believe feat. TeQuila & Jericho

08. Ayoba feat. Mandoza

09. Holla Back Again (interlude)

10. What About U feat. The Dogg

11. Mawutu (interlude)

12. Dodga, Dodga feat. X-Bantuans

13. There’s Only One

14. Ain’t Nobody feat. The Hunta

15. Holla Back Fo (interlude)

16. Mahambeko (Blessing) feat. Lady May

17. This Is Life feat. Qonja & Mappz

18. Hands Up feat. TeQuila

19. Good Guys feat. Berthold

20. Check Hom Mooi (instrumental)

21. So Geht Das! (instrumental)

22. Like The Rest


EES – “Megaphone Ghazzie” (Album)

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