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Get to know the real "NAM FLAVA" taste and order your special "Fleisch Box".


With 2x packages of Nam Flava Biltong (100 gr), 1x bottle of original Nam Flava Chuntey (450g) and 1x Nam Flava Spice shaker (150g) and 1x Nam Flava Kapana spice shaker (150g) the perfect gift.

2x NAM FLAVA 100g BILTONG: Ingredients: Beef, Namibian Sea Salt, Spices & a lot of Nam Flava style! -) without added colorants or preservatives - store in a cool and dry place. 100g Biltong is made from approx. 240g beef (€59.90 per kg)

NAM FLAVA 470g CHUTNEY:  is being produced with very high-standard apricot & peaches and contains NO MSG (flavour enhancers). Chutney is a typical Namibian sauce used for various meals, typically meat, fish or even vegetable dishes, on top of your breakfast eggs to the light lunch cheese toast or even for your dinner Lasagne. Bring that Namibian flavour taste to your food the typical Nam Flava way! ingredients: water, sugar, vinegar, apricots, peaches, sulphur dioxide, starch, peach puree, salt, spices, colourant E150c, stabilizer E415, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, acidity regulator.


NAM FLAVA SPICE: ingredients: Namibian sea salt, coriander, pepper, parsley, garlic, onions, sugar, and lots of NamFlava!-) (150g)without added colourants or preservatives. Store in a cool and dry place. (€46.60 per kg)

NAM FLAVA KAPANA SPICE: Namibian sea salt, paprika, cumin, parsley, cayenne pepper, dextrose, vegetable oil, spice extract, acidity regulator, and lots of NamFlava!-) (150g) (€46.60 per kg)


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Nam Flava Fleisch BOX

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