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The X-Bantuans have been the backing dancers for EES since beginning of 2009 – and are currently one of the hottest dance crews in Namibia. in 2011 they had their first appearance on the “Megaphone Ghazzie” album by EES – and in 2013 they decided to release their own debut album under EES music label “NAM FLAVA Music”.
This is a pure “streetstyle” KWAITO album with many features by EES himself.

1. Who’s & Who’s feat. EES
2. Lights, Camera, Action
3. Broke The Stage (interlude)
4. Stagebreakers feat. EES
5. Vuka
6. You’re the Girl feat. EES
7. Money 8. NAM Flava
9. Rise 10. Hustlers feat. Bare & Tangoz
11. Prank (interlude)
12. Dodga, Dodga feat. EES
13. Zulla
14. Roll Die Dice
15. Life
16. Bring It

X-Bantuans – “Stagebreakers”

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