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Let Music make the world a better place

Yes, Corona has changed the world and with it gender-based violence in developing countries, as women are now more enclosed by the protective measures. The musician EES would like to focus his music power in this direction and has released the extremely positive and forward-looking song "Chooser" - to get more attention on this topic in the world. The song has managed to combine an extremely profound message with a very motivating pop sound, that inspires the listeners to choose the right way of treating our fellow woman - even adding some African elements make this serious song fit well onto the radio playlists all across the world. The very powerful music video showcases pictures from the previous #shutitalldown demonstrations all over Namibia end of 2020. It is time to find a new "normal" for us humans. It's time for music to become ambassadors for moving topics again, like this sensational song by the Namibian musician. EES was approached by the Deutsche Welle - African section "77 Percent" - which sully supported and funded the song project and have built up a strong connection with the Namibian artist for future nation-building projects. 100% of the income of the streaming and download sales of this album will be donated to Monica Gender-Based Violence Organisation in Namibia.

This new music video is definitely a must-see for all Namibians currently demotivated, to show the power of unification when we really want to make a difference.

Stream the Song here:


For more info on the release, pictures or interview requests for EES contact us at:

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