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EES is NAMBUKO Ambassador

In a remarkable fusion of music, culture, and sustainability, Namibia's beloved musician, EES, has been appointed as the official ambassador for the prestigious Namibian charcoal brand, NAMBUKO. This extraordinary collaboration marks a celebration of Namibian heritage and showcases the brand's commitment to eco-friendly practices. With an exciting agenda ahead, EES will be representing NAMBUKO at the highly anticipated SpoGa outdoor expo in Cologne, Germany, in mid-June 2023, alongside the dedicated team from DHG, the company responsible for producing and importing NAMBUKO charcoal from Namibia for the past three years.

EES, also known as Eric Sell, is an iconic figure in Namibia's music scene. With his infectious beats and poignant lyrics, he has captured the hearts of audiences both locally and globally. His music is a testament to the richness of Namibian culture and the spirit of unity that he embodies. EES has consistently used his platform to promote Namibia's unique identity, making him a natural fit as the official ambassador for NAMBUKO.

NAMBUKO is more than just a charcoal brand; it represents a commitment to sustainability and a love for the pristine landscapes of Namibia. The brand has been steadfast in its mission to provide a premium charcoal product while ensuring responsible sourcing and production. By choosing EES as their ambassador, NAMBUKO reinforces its dedication to supporting local talent and cultural heritage.

DHG, the company responsible for producing and importing NAMBUKO charcoal, has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices. For the past three years, DHG's commitment to quality and environmental responsibility has been instrumental in establishing NAMBUKO as a leading charcoal brand. Together with EES, the entire DHG team will showcase their journey and accomplishments at SpoGa, reflecting their dedication to preserving Namibia's natural beauty and promoting eco-friendly solutions.

As an artist who genuinely cares about his homeland and the environment, EES's role as the official ambassador for NAMBUKO is a perfect marriage of music and sustainability. He embodies the brand's vision of celebrating Namibian culture while promoting ethical consumption. Through his engaging presence at SpoGa 2023, EES will bring attention to the importance of supporting responsible brands like NAMBUKO that positively impact local communities and the environment.

EES's appointment as the official ambassador for NAMBUKO charcoal brand marks a significant moment in the intersection of music, culture, and sustainability. His representation at SpoGa 2023 in Cologne, Germany, undoubtedly left a lasting impression on attendees, shedding light on the essence of Namibian heritage and the NAMBUKO brand which will be elevated to another level in the coming years. NAMBUKO is now also available to order in the EES online shop:

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