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EES wins X-Factor Germany 2018

Namibian artist win at Germany’s X-Factor show

…for the past couple of months, there were a few X-Factor videos with EES and his Yes-Ja! Band that went viral on social media. But the past 3 weeks were the craziest as every week EES advanced to the next stage, till he finally made it to the Finals of X-Factor Germany this Friday the 19th October 2018.

It took the kwaito singer two rounds in the final against 3 other very strong competitors from other established genres to then win the X-Factor title by most public votes.

Throughout the whole journey, EES stayed true to his home country and original Nam Flava sound of music – no matter how much pressure the judges put on him to adapt his music to more commercial compatible established European genres. His authentic style and constant promotion for his home country Namibia could be seen in all the extra video clips that were played in the show – not to mention his Namibian shoes & newly released Vellies which are handmade in Namibia.

At the end of the show, EES then performed his new single “Try, Try, Try” with his Yes-Ja! Band and jumped on the X-Factor judges table to then pull up the judges and have them dance with him while tonnes of confetti was falling from the sky in the end celebrations. With winning this year’s X-Factor EES has now signed a record deal with Sony Music Germany and we are looking for a great teamwork with the major brand to help spread the African vibes now to a new market in Europe.

Sieger Band : EES & the Yes-Ja-Band, Mentorin Jennifer Weist Musikentertainmentshow “X Factor” Live-Finale in den MMC Studios in Köln am 19.10.2018 Agency People Image (c) Michael Tinnefeld

Again we congratulate EES and his team for this massive win, as it is another great moment in time for Namibian music and the Nam Flava brand of EES.

Download LINKS:

EPK Pictures & Answers LINKDOWNLOAD LINK New Single “Try, Try, Try” DOWNLOAD LINK

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