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MAMA! …what have we done?

The brand new single by EES called “MAMA” featuring the Kollabo25 due (Franz Funke & Gideon Glock) is taking the whole cleanup campaign to another level!

This weekend was the second year the nationwide clean up campaign was in full effect and Namibians went out to make a change for the better. But as EES in his first cleanup video shoutout two years ago stated, “cleaning up is only the first step – the first mindset for a chain reaction of rebuilding this country“.

And with the release of his new music video “MAMA,” we see exactly the next steps and challenges that we can tackle together for our future generations to live in a healthier and more stable world.

The Music Video starts off with big mining trucks that dig out the old fossil resources that are way outdated for today’s renewable energy technology – but due to big money lobbyists and politicians greed, it’s still being used. It continues to show the materialism we are being exposed to and the air pollution that continues. Both the verses of the well known german Duo “Kollabo25” speak about a world that is so money hungry that we forget to live our lives and start to respect nature and what it does for us to keep breathing.

The whole music video builds up to towards the end where one can see EES and his team joining the worldwide Fridays for Future #ClimateStrike demonstrations that took place on the 20. September in over 5400 cities in the world and prove that if we all act now and stand together it will be more possible to change the human mindset and future on this planet.

This is yet another powerful statement song by the Namibian artist based overseas and using his reach and influence to UNITE HUMANITY AGAINST GREED AND SELF-DESTRUCTION!!!

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