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EES releases NAMIBIA's biggest unity Song

Namibia is currently facing some of it's most challenging times right now. With an economic crisis which roughly started 3 years ago and the COVID pandemic outbreak that is currently that has locked down many opportunities for businesses to operate as usual. But the brand new release of EES' single and music video "Magic", will surely give you strength and show what the Namibian nation can achieve when standing together in unity. The song is packed with many very motivational & positive video images that EES (in connection with "Local Tourism is Lekker" Facebook Group - Mr Nrupesh Soni) has urged Namibians to send their videos to him over the last 3 months. Videos that show Namibians sing along to the song and or any videos that show how they are helping others in need. The new music video is also packed with high profile Namibian celebrities like the Victoria Secret Model Behati Prinsloo Levine, Muss Universe - Michelle McClean, Namibian Rugby Captain Jacques Burger, Patrick from PDK, Dillish Mathews, Nadja Breytenbach, Oteya, Ras Sheehama, Shishani, Liz Ehlers, KP Illest, Savannah Collins, ML, The Hunta, Zuluboy Amadazfloor - Gweri Socks, Wabuseun, Ixa and many many more proud Namibians. Tourism companies like Okonjima, Ultimate Safaris Namibia, Dream Travel Namibia, Living Desert Tours, Swakopmund Destinations, The Made in Namibia Shop, Roundtable Namibia, Namib Desert Lodge, Local Tourism is Lekker and more all took part. We urge all Namibians to share this special video and start building a strong and united country for our future generations.YES-JA!

This new music video is definitely a must-see for all Namibians currently demotivated, to show the power of unification when we really want to make a difference.


For more info on the release or interview requests for EES contact us at:

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