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EES is known for being a proud Namibia ambassador for many years now.

But what he has just launched is on yet another level. It's not just about showcasing Namibian music or waving the flag at his international shows on stage - but actually launching his own Namibian travel booking platform called:

An all-in-one website for users to have the chance and book their once in a lifetime travel adventure through Namibia - all just with a few clicks.

It took him many months to create the best possible camping trip through, to see all the highlighted locations in Namibia.

Once booked, the guests will receive a full itinerary magazine, with all possible information and tips - written and designed by the artist himself.

Not just that, but travellers that choose to take the Nam Flava tour experience will also get a special "Nam Flava" travel map, with all GPS coordinates and route marked which will take them on full camping travel adventure through the beautiful Namibian nature.

There are 4 possible fully pre-planned tours available to select on the very modern looking booking website. From 10, 13, 16 up to 20 days Nam Flava camping tour around the country.

The Namibian hitmaker surely makes it very easy for anybody that wants to visit Namibia to get the most out of their tour. As one can book many extras before checking out like extra desert balloon rides, living desert tours, lion night feeding, special camping pre-packed packs with many goodies, and of course not to forget the artists own Nam Flava City Tours in Windhoek and Swakopmund with one of his old VW busses which he has been operating since 2019 already.

Even a camping vehicle can be booked if needed by the guests.

This is definitely a game changer (like the name of EES' new released album) in the Namibian tourism industry, as the first-ever platform to bring camping in the land of the brave to another level. It will surely give so many visitors to Namibia the chance to experience the best possible round trip and highlights.

And of course, EES made sure that - whoever books a tour on his new released booking platform - that they receive a couple of special curated playlists of Namibian music to listen in their car for their adventure tour of a lifetime through beautiful Namibia.


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