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Show me your JAGGA JAGGA!

The new EES song is full of groove & dance moves!

For quite some time now people have questioned the state of KWAITO. Is Kwaito Muisic still alive? ...has it changed and evolved to an ama-piano or afro house vibe? Today, we have an answer! You still remember that first song you saw of EES - when he sang "INTERNATIONAL" and entered the music industry with a bang - a "Lanie" doing Kwaito. well since then - EES has never lost his roots to the Kwaito genre - and today he dropped his 6th single of the upcoming Game Changer Album "Jagga Jagga" THIS IS KWAITO 2021

Jagga Jagga - a new word EES came up with, which basically refers to the dance moves - that one signature dance move one has to impress the streets or in the club when the beat drops.

Oh and does the beat drop in this new song by the kwaito artist. A very minimalistic strong song - but with soo much diversity when it comes to the modern sounds and deep bass pumping. No, it's not like all the new songs that come out, the vibe is different - the flow is different, EES is always just different - by being himself and doing what he loves and stands for.

The music video showcases the three very energetic pantsula street dancers in orange overalls with "Nam Flava" written on it - jumping and dancing with their tongues out and drinking WUMA (the local vitamin energy drink by EES). The video is colourful with digital artefact effects making it look digital & modern.

By now we know Namibia has really beautiful woman, and this can be seen in the video, all races and colours representing a united and diverse Namibia and its beauty.

By now you most probably have also heard about the #GameChanger treasure-hunt EES has announced on social media a few weeks back, saying whoever cracks the 12 words in his music videos and social media riddles first - will win the Jackpot - which is a total of 1 Bitcoin (today's value is almost N$ 700k).

Well believe it or now - but the new music Video "Jagga Jagga" contains another word of the 12 words treasure hunt - so keep your eyes and ears open to see if you can find the hidden code.

More INFO on the Treasure hunt here:

By now it's very clear to see his new Album deserves the name

"Game Changer" - because what he dropped so far is definitely on another level and deserved to get some credit for the hard work and authenticity!

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