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#itsup2us Movement

This w-end EES launched one of the most inspirational videos of this year, reaching over 100k thousand views in less than 30 hours of the release. A message of unity bringing all Namibians together and motivating them to celebrate this year’s Namibian Independence a little bit differently!-) The video starts off with the Namibian kwaito artist talking about the past 27 years of celebrating Independence with great festivities, parades and other special ceremonies.

Then inspires the President of Namibia to perhaps use this year’s ceremony budget to clean up the country and get clean water to the people in need. The professionally made video by the artist speaks directly to the people of Namibia – to not just sit back and ask what government can do for them but instead ask and look what oneself can do for Namibia. He urges the Namibian people to start a movement beginning on this year’s Independence Day the 21st March 2018 to organize and build groups to work together and clean up Namibia. To go out and help the needy and to even plant trees. He also motivated his fellow Namibians to go make pictures and videos and post them online with the hashtag #itsup2us to inspire more Namibians and even other countries to join the movement of making their countries a better a cleaner place on Independence and from thereon

. my inspiration to this video was an anonymous SMS of the day I read online. Once the video was done I saw the great initiative that Gondwana is doing and decided with them together to use the hashtag #itsup2us that they have already started beginning of February at their lodges

#itsup2us movement is a way of motivating Namibians and established companies to work together to take control of the litter situation in Namibia with Rent a Drums also being one of the initial companies to back this movement.

‘”We should definitely celebrate our great independence and reflect on the peace and stability we have, be proud of Namibia we have today and honor the people who gave their lives for our independence and freedom. One can also do that by cleaning up the country and making sure it will be prosperous for our future generations to come

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us at: namibian greetings, EES Management

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